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PATH addition to allow your own scripts & programs to run

Sometimes, you'll want to have some executable stuff of your very own. These things don't need to be accessible to all users on the machine. But, it's be nice to be able to run them without specifying the complete path...

Create a bin directory in your home directory:

  • mkdir ~/bin

Then edit your .bashrc file:

  • vim ~/.bashrc

and add the following line:

  • export PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"

(you can activate this change immediately by:

  • source .bashrc


Place your scripts & executables in this directory & you can now execute them as if they were regular system executables.

Extend (or eliminate) the sudo timeout

Once a user has been authenticated, [...] the user may then use sudo without a password for a short period of time (5 minutes unless overridden by the timestamp_timeout option).

To change this universally (i.e.: for all users)

  • sudo visudo

To change it for a specific user:

  • sudo visudo -f USERNAME

then add the line

Defaults        timestamp_timeout=30

where 30 is your preferred timeout (in minutes).

To always require a password, set it to 0. To set an infinite timeout, set the value to be negative. (i.e.: -1)

Visually Improving the Terminal

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