UPS Handling with NUT

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Proven on:
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11 (bullseye)

As always...

Start with:

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt upgrade

Network UPS Tools

Install & Configure NUT

Select your mode

MODE options:
none Disable automatic startup of NUT
standalone This MODE is for local only configuration Standalone NUT usage
netserver This MODE is open to the network. (A NUT server) Setting up a NUT Server
netclient This MODE is for client machines that will access a NUT server Setting up a NUT Client

See the nut.conf documentation for more details.

Managing NUT

The usual:

  • sudo service nut-server [start|stop|restart|status]

Client commands:

further Usage Concepts

NUT gives lots of options.

Things like:

  • Cleanly shutting down all of the VMs on a server & the server itself too.
  • Sending notifications about power issues.
  • Managing redundant UPSs on your system.
  • etc...