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Using afraid.org for dynamic DNS.

Dynamic DNS & pfSense

Configuring pfSense to use it properly seems to be a mystery to the internet at large as the findable instructions are always wrong.

Here goes a (hopefully) clear attempt:

  1. Go to afraid.org & register
  2. Pick & register a subdomain
  3. go here: http://freedns.afraid.org/dynamic/
  4. right-click the "Direct URL" button next to the subdomain you're going to use & Copy link address
  5. Paste the URL into a text editor & remove everything up and including "/update.php?"
    • What's left will be your "password" to be entered into pfSense
  6. Log into your pfSense server & select Services / Dynamic DNS
  7. click the ADD button
  8. In the "Service Type" box, select "freeDNS"
  9. check that "Interface to monitor" is "WAN"
  10. enter the subdomain you chose at afraid.org in the "Hostname" box
    • i.e.:  "tinker.farted.net"
  11. Empty the "Username" box
  12. Paste the "password" created in step 5 above in the "Password" box
  13. Paste the "password" created in step 5 above in the "Confirm" box
  14. Type in a description if you like
  15. Click "Save"
  16. Enjoy

Using ClouDNS for dynamic DNS.