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Elimination the GNU Keyring Dialog

Many (most?) current distros include the GNU Keyring as part of the desktop environments.

What this means is that the first time you launch any application capable of using it, you get asked for a keyring password.

Now, I can see this being a good idea in an environment where there may be multiple people accessing the machine.  But, in most cases (particularly a privately owned & used machine...) it's just annoying.

Solution 1

After installing the system...

The first ever time you see the dialog, leave the password blank. it will ask if you're absolutely certain you don't want to secure your system.  Say yes.

Solution 2

If you've managed to start using the system without employing Solution 1, be prepared to possibly lose any saved passwords in applications that use it. (Anything based on Chromium... Like web browsers & Discord... Basically the only place I've ever actually seen it used...)

You'll need to reinitialise it.

Open a terminal and:

  • rm ~/.local/share/keyrings/*

Then, go back & use Solution 1.

Either way, blocking the GNU keyring means that applications that normally use it "might" be less secure from other people with physical access to your machine.  So, your choice...